Friday, July 9, 2010

The Eldest

Now it's time to introduce the two shining stars in my life.
My two boys.
I'm going to give them each their own post but I thought I should set it up beforehand.

I know that this is very old-fashioned of me, but I don't feel comfortable giving out too much information on them. It is partly out of protection and partly out of respect for their privacy. So, I'm taking a page out of Heidi's book and keeping their names and faces private.
Since I can't show you their faces I just have to explain that they are beautiful.
Really Beautiful.

Allow me to introduce-


He is my oldest son.
He is eight years old.
To say that he is bright would be a great understatement.
He is a kick ass defensive soccer player.
He loves making up clever wordplay jokes.
He is a voracious reader.
He is unbelievably creative.
He is my pride and joy.


  1. I’m sure you never get bored at home with this two little men!!

  2. That's true! It's impossible to get bored with them around!