Monday, July 12, 2010

The Youngest

This is H.
H is my youngest son.
He is five and a half years old. Something that he tells every single person that he meets.
This picture was taken last Christmas. While we were trimming our tree it seemed like the perfect time for him to don his viking hat.
He is the very definition of adorable. His face is so expressive he looks like a little cartoon character.
He is a sweetheart. He loves to cuddle and hug but he is not at all fond of kisses.
He loves to read.
He loves to go places.
When we go out he takes great joy in pushing the handicap access button on each and every door he can find.
He loves music and has a wonderful little voice.
He has the best laugh that you have ever heard. I wish I could bottle it.
He loves to dance and will do so at any and every opportunity.
He is a perfect gentleman.
He is my sunshine.

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