Thursday, April 23, 2009

Catching Air

I am a big fan of the artist Robin Rhode. I was so excited to learn that his show Catch Air was coming to the Wexner Museum. We packed up the whole family and went to see it. By a stroke of luck the gallery was empty and we had the whole place to ourselves. Besides being a bit smaller than I had hoped, the exhibit did not disappoint. Along with the collections of photographs, there were four short videos of the artist performing. My children were absolutely fascinated and sat through all of them. Their favorite, The Score, showed the artist painting quick, rough images of musical instruments on a white wall. He then proceeded to "play" them. They found this to be hilarious. Watching someone paint on walls and draw with chalk greatly appealed to them.

The Wexner Museum is located at the Ohio State University. My husband and I both graduated from there. We loved it and are always happy to have an excuse to return. On that particular day it was gorgeous, as you can see. There were bright, cheerful swaths of red and yellow tulips everywhere.

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