Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Little Chickadee Goes Hollywood

Earlier this week, a very nice someone from NBC contacted me to buy these 4 silhouettes. They are going to be used as set decoration for the TV show Parenthood in the fall!!! Now, there's no guarantee that the silhouettes will be shown but it is very likely and I am so excited!!!
Here is the link to the show!


  1. this sounds really exciting!! congratulations!

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  3. Oh my word, that is AWESOME news, something in which to be very proud~!

    Kitty from Kitty's Kozy Kitchen tells me you live in Powell! I see your profile says Dublin - I lived in Dublin for years, but moved to Powell 10 years ago when I got married.

    I would love to meet you! You should join the Women's Club of Powell!!!!!

    BTW- I see you are reading Le Petit Prince - I read that in French in French class my senior year in High School. I liked it better when I read it afterwards in English, haha.

    Write when you get the chance, the world is certainly a small world.