Wednesday, March 9, 2011


While in St. Augustine we stumbled across a real treasure.
A bone fide seaside souvenir shop!
It isn't that souvenir shops are hard to find, but most of them, nowadays, sell more swimming trunks and flip flops than good old-fashioned souvenirs.
When I walked into Tom's I actually got weak in the knees.
Rows upon rows of turquoise and sea foam green shelves lined with nautical treasures.
Bins of glistening shells, knobby white coral, pale pink sea fans hanging from the ceiling.
There were tiny wooden ships and ridiculous little animals made out of glued-together shells.
I was in heaven.
I combed the place over three times before I settled on a few treasures to take home with us.
The boys each picked out a shell and a treasure map.
We left happy, clutching our bits of the sea to bring home with us.


  1. and finally, what did you buy??
    those fangs look cool!

  2. I bought a sea fan, a few bits of coral, and a handful of shells. As soon as I can take some pictures I'll post them!